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2018-04-25 | Business/economy | Working at Bosch | Research | Sustainability | Electrified mobility | Industry 4.0 | Powertrain systems | Automated mobility | Connected mobility | Smart Home | Commercial vehicles | Internet of Things

Bosch blazing new trails in mobility and environmental protection

*Successful business year in 2017: sales revenue increases to 78.1 billion euros *Record earnings in 2017: EBIT from operations reaches 5.3 billion euros *Bosch CEO Denner: “We want to keep people mobile and improve air quality” *Breakthrough: diesel NOx emissions far lower than legally prescribed limits *Strategy: cross-domain IoT ecosystems *To the press kit plus

2018-04-25 | Sustainability

Breakthrough: new Bosch diesel technology provides solution to NOx problem

*Unprecedented emissions: NOx 10 times lower than limits set for 2020 *New Bosch technology retains advantage with regard to fuel consumption and environmental impact *Denner: “There’s a future for diesel. Soon, emissions will no longer be an issue.” *Internal combustion engines equipped with artificial intelligence have almost zero impact on air quality *Appeal to politicians: fuel consumption should be measured on the road and emissions analyzed from well to wheel plus


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